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This Week in Angie’s World – June 8-14 2013

Saturday – Workout: The Firm Power Yoga DVD. It’s a short basic yoga workout to stretch and strengthen without weights. Plan youtube videos for next week, and test the last of the under eye concealers. Take daughter to the mall, get  new Mac Paintpot in Groundwork, and eyeshadow in Copperplate. Dinner …

Jari Love Ripped 1000

Favorite Workout DVDs ~ Part 2

In addition to my many, many Firm and Tracie Long DVDs, there’s a smattering of more difficult titles to keep my progress moving forward. I find the key to good looking muscles is variety and challenge, so I like to mix it up! Here are some of my favorites: Jari …

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This Week in Angie’s World

Saturday – The heat wave continues with temps reaching 98 again today, but the plants I bought for my patio pots are getting root-bound, so today’s the day! I’ll just try to stay in the shade and hydrate! Carrying all my heavy clay pots and the bags of potting soil from …

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This Week in Angie’s World

Saturday – We were away for the weekend, celebrating my daughter’s birthday with family so we ate out a lot and of course had birthday cake! I pulled a muscle in my lower back loading my old doggie into the car (she can’t jump right in there the way she …

Pump Jump & Jab

Favorite Workout DVDs ~ Part 1

Over the years I’ve tried all sorts of exercise regimens from hot yoga, pilates, kick-boxing boot camps and elliptical machines to home workout DVDs. And while most have fallen by the wayside, the one constant has always been my DVDs. Here are some of my all time favorites: The Firm …

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Mini Stretch Routine for Travel Weary Muscles

When I go on vacation I usually end up with sore shoulder, neck, and back muscles from sitting for long stretches on airplanes, sleeping in unfamiliar beds, and being away from my normal work-out routine. Even a day of shopping or sight-seeing puts a stain on a whole new set …