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May 2015


Memorial Day Sales!

Between graduations, confirmations, mother’s and father’s days, and birthdays, I have lots of gifts to buy this time of year, so I love it when stores have big sales, and some of my faves are having sales this weekend in honor of Memorial Day! Here are a few of my …

Skincare Routine Update

My Skincare Routine ~ Update!

I’ve changed or dropped a few things from my skincare routine since I posted it last January so this is a Skincare Routine Update. This will be much less detailed than my usual skincare routine posts, really just to show what’s changed and explain why. If you want the deers …

Lookbook Spring 2015 Thumb

Spring 2015 Lookbook

Finally! The longest, snowiest winter on record is over… but it lasted right through the end of April! I had a hard time getting in the Spring Lookbook frame of mind when we still had snow on the ground and temps in the low 40s. But happily it’s over and I’m so …

Cover FX Drops Thumb

Cover FX Custom Cover Drops Review + Demo

Cover FX Custom Cover Drops Review + Demo! Cover FX Custom Cover Drops are having a moment on YouTube! Everyone’s asking about them, reviewing them, and generally singing their praises. Cover FX Custom Cover Drops is a brand new “game changing” product that’s basically liquid pure color pigment that can be added …